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We always want to hear from happy customers. If you've got a great story about how our products helped protect you, we want to know about it. Please submit your contact info so somebody from our team can reach out!

Gabe E. and a 1200lb moose

Gabe's Coronado was only 41 days old when it collided with a full grown moose. Click to listen and find out more!

Terry L.

Terry L. from Boomerang Enterprises based out of Brandon, MB on the performance of his HERD - Super Road Train on his Kenworth T-800.

Shipping Wars' Marc Springer

Marc saves his truck with a HERD!

Calvin G.

Calvin has been an owner-operator for 32 years and protects all of his trucks with HERD guards. Shown here on a 2010 Kenworth T-660 a HERD Aero 2 post with vertical tubes.

Marty G.

Marty talks about why HERD is the best thing he's ever put on his truck!

Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking

Bob Molter, Manager of Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking explains the reasons why protecting his fleet with HERD bumpers makes sense for them.

Gary Cox

Gary Cox of Tryslyn Transportation Inc. tells us what his HERD saved him after a deer hit.


HERD Super Road Train and a Moose hit - Testimonial in French

Chris W.

Chris Winkler of Winkler trucking tallies up the things his HERD Defender has stood against.

Ross F.

Winner at the 2012 Fergus Truck Show tells us why he won't make a trip without a HERD bumper ever again.

Paul G.

Paul Geiger describes the benefits of protecting his fleet with HERD. Darcol International won't run without them.

Patrick G.

HERD testimonial in French

Darren C.

Darren tells us how his HERD saved him $15,000.