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Guard Options

HERD has options! Lift Assist

LIFT ASSIST – Reduces lift weight by up to 75%

With HERD, you always get the strongest protection up front. Now with our exclusive patent-pending Lift Assist, HERD has also become the lightest to lift. Lift weight on our Aero or Defender-style bumpers is as little as 13 pounds!

Paired with Slam Latch, Lift Assist provides drivers with the quickest and easiest way to access your engine.

Avoid back injury. Preventing back injuries is a major workplace safety challenge and many governments and labour unions have set limitations on weights truck drivers can lift. LIFT ASSIST significantly reduces unnecessary lift weight when accessing the truck’s engine and exceeds most standards and guidelines.



HERD’s new surface mount Signal Lights bring a stylish contemporary look. They are quick and easy to install (in case your HERD currently does not have signal lights). Meet US and CDN D.O.T. guidelines.


HERD’s Bolt-On Light Tabs are stylish bolt-on brackets. Available for our NEW AeroPLUS truck guards, these can be positioned where ever you want.

SLAM LATCH - Access Your Engine in Seconds!

HERD’s Slam Latch system allows you to tilt your HERD forward with one simple click and lift it back into place when you’re done. EASY. FAST. STRONG.

REDUCED DOWNTIME. No eyebolts means it’s easy to access your hood and perform routine maintenance.

RATTLE FREE. Specially designed hinges and anti-vibration material ensure rattle-free operation.



HERD’s Radar Shields  are a translucent, custom-cut polymer shield for your truck's collision avoidance system.  Available for our NEW AeroPLUS truck guards, these covers protect your expensive radar components (Detroit Assurance; Bendix; Meritor-Wabco).

Also available in a tall version to mount your licence plate below the radar cutout.